World War 3 and RFID chip


Free your self from the influence of Babylon so that you will not fall under the same judgment as Babylon. Rev.18:1-4.

Ancient Babylon of Nimrod  is still alive today. Babylon is:

The Pope

Roman Catholicism

All Christian oriented denominations

All other religions that do not keep the commandments of the "old" and "new" testament of the Bible.

The western world (Europe, North America, Australia)

The United States of America

The political powers of the world; Illuminati, UN, VN, Nato, EU

The biggest companies of the world

Leave Babylon, spiritually and physically, because Babylon will fall. Babylon will be judged because Babylon disobeys the commandments of God (Creator of Heaven and Earth) Babylon will be judged and punished for that.

The laws and commandments of the full Bible are not put away; they are stil in effect and must be kept. Except the laws concerning sacrifice, the priesthood and the temple, because Christ is the perfect sacrifce, the perfect priest, and the believers are the temple. The rest of the laws of "old" and "new" Testament still stand. Mat.5:17-19.

Join the obedient Hebrew Israelites. They are the chosen people of  YAHUAH (The Creator of the universe: The Hebrew Israelites know and understand the laws, statutes, commandments, principles of God. They are chosen to be a light to the Gentiles. Ps.147:19-20.

Get out of Babylon / the Western world;

because judgement will come as World War III, many plagues,  disasters, extreme "Big Brother" controle and global modern slavery. Rev.18:1-4, Jer.51:6, Isa.48:20

There will be a nuclear World War. It is already predicted in the Bible!

Zech.5:1-11, Zech.14:12

Rev.8:10-11, Joel 2:3


Do not worry, but be holy and practically


Phil.4:6-7, 1Pet.5:7



Be not attached to your comfortable life and present residence. Be like a pilgrim.

John 18:36, Mat.8:20

Heb.11:16, Heb.13:14

Phil.3:20, 1Pet.2:11

Privacy will be taken

The RFID chip is ready. It is a technological device which will also track and record all your actions; thus controling you.The European governments are waiting for the right time to implement the RFID chip and make it official!

Don't take the RFID chip! Leave those places on time!

The RFID Chip is already predicted in the Bible!