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The biblical Hebrew Israelites are the descendants of the Trans-Atlantic slaves of the Americas

The so called "Jews" are not the biblical Israelites

The Hebrew Israelites must return to the laws, statutes and commandments of The Most High.

The Christian Church is a deception of satan

Christ is a black negro

The Hebrew israelites must flee Babylon spiritually AND ALSO physically.

On this site you will find the reasons, answers and explantions to these bold statements!

Welcome to the website of the  Israelites4real Community

The vision, goals and mission:

As Hebrew Israelites we are in a time of great awakening. Because of our disobedience to The Most High, (Creator of heaven and earth, a.k.a.YAHUAH), we have lost our culture and identity. That was a punishment of YAHUAH. Amos 3:1-2

But now the time of awakening and repentance is come. This move did not come overnight. It started slowly but surely after the abolition of slavery in the 1800's. From that time on, we the "Negros of the America's", started  researching our identity and where we came from.

As time passed, YAHUAH started raising us up, "the dry bones", spoken of in the Ezekiel 37.

More and more revelation and awareness came. In the 1900's YAHUAH used Abba Bivens, One West Camp, ISUPK, Ben Ammi, IUIC, GMS, HOD, GOCC and many other camps to bring more revelation and understanding. Some of the teachings of those camps were wrong and some were right.

Many times the powers that be, (the Illuminati, a.k.a. BABYLON) succesfully hijacked our awakening and lead us astray. Think of Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King jr, Rastafarianism, the Black Panther Movement, the MOVE organization, Black Lives Matter. And since the last several years, most of the big Hebrew Israelite camps of today.

Through infiltration, they where all taken down by the powers that be.

Infiltration is one of the weapons that the powers that be, use to control and direct any black voice that brings the Hebrew Israelites closer to their identity and pure culture.


For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

The fear of the powers that be, (the Illuminati, a.k.a. BABYLON) is that the Hebrew Israelites fully awake, repent and obey YAHUAH.

Because then they will be invincible, having YAHUAH as their power. They will be like Elijah calling out fire from heaven, to destroy all instruments of wickedness. The Israelites will be feared amongst the nations. The Israelites, together with Christ, will end the world dominance of the powers that be, (the Illuminati, a.k.a. BABYLON)  The Israelites will rule the earth together with Christ

Throughout history the powers that be, have always tried to keep the Israelites from getting to that point; their true calling.

Throughout history there has always been a war against the rising of the Hebrew Israelite nation.

The powers that be have cleverly schemed against the Hebrew Israelite bloodline and nation.

They have used persecution, genocide, brainwashing, clever systems of keeping us in poverty, drugs, crime, massive imprisonment, child abortion, destroying family, poisoning us with bad food products, chemtrails, slave education, slave entertainment, false religions, killing the fathers, feeding our women the doctrines of feminism and many more evils.

According to scripture now the time has come for the Israelites to flee and get out of that clever system of oppression. Babylon will be judged for her sins. Babylon America will be the first to be utterly destroyed. It has become a habitation of devils and demons. Rev.18:2.

The judgment of Babylon Europe will follow after the destruction of Babylon America.

According to scripture we must flee Babylon physically and spiritually. Some say we must first flee spiritually and then physically. That is true. But at a certain point, to grow to the next level of spirituality we must flee physically also.


And to that point we have now come. In Babylon there is no more spiritual growth. The environment of Babylon is too wicked. In Babylon you see and experience too much wickedness to grow to the next level.

The scriptures prophecy about a future Second Exodus of Hebrew Israelites, coming out of the lands of their oppression (Babylon). This Second Exodus will be bigger than the first Exodus with Moses. Deut.30:1-10, Jer.3:18, Jer.16:11-21, Jer.31:3, and many other scriptures.

It is time to stop abiding in Babylon and get out of her dirt.

So that we can cleanse ourselves to the next level. Rev.18:1-4


Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon.

In the past YAHUAH delivered the Israelites out of Egypt.

To shape them, cleanse them, prepare them and instruct them. Outside of their slavery environment. And raise them to live according to HIS laws, statutes and commandments. As a holy nation.


"And the LORD spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me."

He created them to be a light for the nations (Deut.4:5-8). This promise still stands. And will be fullfilled.

The same thing is happening right now, the Israelites are being delivered from the oppression of the powers that be, (the Illuminati, a.k.a. BABYLON). The Israelites must flee Babylon spiritually and physically. They must flee to the wilderness, spoken of in Isa.11:14. That is the same place where the Israelites where in the time of their wilderness journey with Moses. Deut.2:1,14.

Again The Most High will lead the Israelites to that very location, to be purged and sanctified. And to install them into their true calling: righteous world domination together with Christ.

To where must the Israelites flee?

According to scripture the Israelites must flee Babylon. In the time of Moses the Israelites left Egypt as one nation. This time the Israelites will not leave Babylon as one nation; they will go individually.

There will not be a Moses figure who will lead the Israelites out of Babylon.

Now each Israelite must flee individually. Jer.23:7-8

They must flee to the areas of Isa.11:11

Eventually the Israelites will camp in southern Jordan (Edom & Moab) (Isa.11:14)

In the camps in the wilderness they will be protected untill the coming of Yahusha Christ (Zec.2:1-5)

Different flee scenarios

It is important to flee Babylon while it is still possible.

You must flee now while you are still able to flee.

Remember that only 10% of Israel will flee;

90% will not flee, because they were not ready, not able or not willing.

scenario 1; flee directly to Isa.11:13-14

Dont' wait, prepare now.

Airplanes are still flying to the area of Isa.11:14

(Moab & Edom= Southern Jordan)

The world financial situation is still stable. Use that time. We don't know how long it will last.

Save money, explore areas in Southern Jordan, buy land, store food.

Flee in the silence before the storm.

scenario 2: flee to Europe or North/East Africa first and then to Isa.11:13-14

The Hebrews first flee to the Hebrew Israelites in Europe or North East Africa and from there together they go to Isa.11:14


scenario 3: Passiveness, and waiting in your country till traveling abroad is no more possible

You will then find yourself in a situation as described below:

Civil unrest, national chaos

Collapse of the dollar

Sudden nuclear attack on America

If you have dollars, your get-away-ticket-money will be worth nothing,

Martial law

If the borders are closed it will not be possible to take a plane to Isa.11:14

No planes flying (not possible to fly to Isa.11:14)

National chaos and self-destruction

Fema Camps

Pray for a miraculous escape

What about the ships of Tarshish?

Ships of Tarshish? The departure location is unknown,

so you don't know if and where you can get on the boat

How are the poor Hebrews amongst us going to get to Isa.11:14?

Most certainly not by a passive attitude.

Contact us for help

What is the Israelite4real community?

Individual Hebrew Israelite families working together in the wilderness of Edom and Moab. (Isa.11:14)

The vision, goal and mission of the Israelites4real Community is :

! Live in peace and friendship with the Jordanians !

(There is no need to fear us. We will be a help to the Jordanians

by teaching them English language and helping them in many others ways)


AS FAMILIES live together in holiness and order.

in the wilderness of Moab and Edom (Isa.11:14)

EACH FAMILY create a self sustaining lifestyle

EACH FAMILY living according to the laws statutes and commandments of YAHUAH

EACH FAMILY  (father, mother(s), children) must become completely independant in survival.

independant of locals, neighbours, governments and other Hebrew FAMILIES.

Each man must be the undisputed and documented boss over his household, land, property, resources, wife(s), children, cattle, etc.

Each man must be able to provide his household of total spiritual guidance according to the laws, statutes and commandments of YAHUAH.

EACH FAMILY living on their own piece of land in the wilderness (southern Jordan)

Each individual FAMILY must be in need of nothing. This will prevent government infiltration.

Have  children

Train our children to take over in the next generation

Create a generation of children with no ties, no defilement and no memory of Babylon

Train our children as a nation of royal kings and priests after YAHUAH's heart according to HIS laws statutes and commandments.

As we patiently await the coming of Yahusha

we must be prepared for the longterm wilderness lifestyle (2 - 50 years)

We do not know how long we will be in the wilderness before the coming of Yahusha.

But we also don't know how long we will be in the wilderness after the coming of Yahusha.

So we must accept that the wilderness will be our lifestyle

NO more compromise, NO more Babylon