Tour Trips

Tour Trips in Jordan

Do you want to come and check out Jordan?

Do a tour trip.

Here are some hotels, transportation,  restaurants and tourismsites that are not expensive

and good quality.

I have tested them myself. I live in Jordan.

If you follow this tour you will not need a tourguide or anyone helping you. You will be independant and you will save money on:




and no tourguides bothering you for money and tips

step 1:

book a ticket on

Do not book directly from America to Jordan. That is very expensive.

Book from America to Brussels Belgium 

and then from a ticket from Brussels Belgium to Amman Jordan.

This flight route is way cheaper than any other flight. Choose the cheapest airliner.

Don't bring a lot of luggage.

step 2:

Buy the Jordan Pass

This pass includes a visa and free entrance to more then 40 tourism sites in Jordan.

It will save you a lot of money and frustation

get it here

Step 3: 

after arrival at the airport go here 

this place is at the main exit of the Queen Alia Airport Amman

where you can get a cheap bus to the next location on this tour.

A taxi will cost you 25-30jd (24/7)

but the local bus only cost 3jd (8 am - 8 pm)

you save 22 jd

Step 4:

Go to the Jordan River Hotel

this hotel is in down town Amman ("Wastal Ballad")

very cheap, clean and good quality

(10jd per day for 2 people, 1 double room)

Location Jordan River Hotel: down town Amman ("Wastal Ballad"), click here

Restaurants that you must visit in Jordan:


one of them most popular falafel restaurants in Jordan

price: full dinner 6 jd

Location Hashem: down town Amman ("Wastal Ballad"), click here 


on the most popular "knafa" shops

"knafa" is a famous Jordanian cake

price: 2,50 jd

Location Habibah: down town Amman ("Wastal Ballad"), click here 

tips in jordan:


During Ramadan 24 April - 24 May do not eat in public

you can get in trouble with the police for that


be friendly and have a postive vibe

Jordanians will ask you: "where are you from?"

But you must not see it like something negative.

They will offer you to drink tea or coffee with them or even eat with them.

Just go along and accept the invitation.

Don't shake hands with woman. Just say "Salaam" which means "peace"


woman & girls: wear wide skirts / dresses at ankle lenght

no cleavage


always have 10 jd in coins and 1jd bills with you for the taxi/busses/ and beggars on the streets

watch out for aggressive salesmen on the streets.

to keep them away say: "Le shoukran" which means: "No thank you".

you will see women and children beggars; give them coins, no bills


do not get in a taxi that has no pricemeter; you will get tricked and pay too much

a normal ride in Amman is between 2 jd - 6 jd

local public coaster busses in Amman

cost 0,35 jd - 0,60

local public big busses in Amman

0,35 jd - 0,40 jd

Transportation to the tourist sites and other cities


What must I visit in Jordan?

VIsit the locations that are mentioned on the Jordan Pass.

Use the Jettbus to get there

There are many places that you can visit in Jordan,

you must visit at least:


Amman Hotels down town ("Wastal Ballad")

Jordan River Hotel (tested by me, 10jd per night)

the DEAD SEA & the Jordan river baptism site

Thara Dead Sea Resort (34jd per night)


Petra hotels/hostels:

"Petra Capsules Hostel" (12jd per night)

"Valentine Inn" (14jd per night)

"Petra Cabin Hostel Restaurant" (14jd per night)


Wadi Rum desert camps:

"Oasis Bedouine Camp" (6jd per night)

"Stardust Camp" (7jd per night)

"Starwalk Camp" (8jd per night)


Aqaba hotels/hostels:

Family home Bait al Aela (10jd per night)

Alamer hostel (10jd per night)

Al Amer hotel apartments (10jd per night)

With the Jordan Pass you get discounts at the most famous sites in Jordan

click here