Without a passport it is very difficult to travel internationally. To flee Babylon literally, you will need a passport. Make sure you get a passport.

According to Isa.11:11-16 the Israelites will be in  the area that is now called

"the Middle East".

Focus on getting your passport as soon as possible. Make it a priority.

Let us learn a lesson from what happened in 70 AD in Massada:

Many Israelites didn't flee, while Yahusha already warned them 40 years ahead to flee to the mountains towards Africa. Instead they stayed and thought that everything was gonna be alright. We know the outcome; terrible siege and slaughter.

In the same way there are many Hebrews that are not doing anything concerning fleeing Babylon. Not even trying to fix their passport.

They might get a cold shower and be stuck in Babylon and having to suffer the plagues that will hit Babylon.

Be wise and get ready to flee: get your passport

!!! NEWS !!!

On the site of the Jordan Embassy In America it says that since August 27, 2019 American citizens can get a

5 year multi-entry visa for Jordan.

It costs 120JD ($165).

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