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News and videos

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On the site of the Jordan Embassy In America it says that since August 27, 2019 American citizens can get a

5 year tourist multi-entry visa for Jordan.

It costs 120JD ($165).

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It is now (2019) time for the Israelites to unite and prepare for an exodus out of Babylon.

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Get out of Babylon America:

World War 3 will soon escalate: Get ready! Get out of danger zones!

There will be a war between:


Russia/Iran/China/North Korea VS United States

Get out of Babylon Europe: The RFID chip will be implemented; no more privacy, total government control!



Below you will find the calendar of the feast days and holy days. You will find all the dates according to the secular calendar from 2020 till 2023. Note: the day ends at sundown and the new day starts at sundown with evening, then night, morning and day. Note: Every event on this calendar starts at sundown of the given date.

Important note: “At this moment, the Calendar is still being researched. We are researching the first day of the year based on our own observations of the sunsets and sunrises at different Biblical locations. As a guideline and temporal solution, we uphold this calender below.”

Below you will find a list national holidays in Jordan. This is handy, so that you know what to expect on certain days if you are in Jordan. On some of the holidays the public offices are closed.

And to make it very clear: "We only follow the biblical feasts that are described in the Bible".