This page is for Hebrew Israelites who are looking for a holy, righteous and spiritually mature spouse.

We believe that if possible, Israelites should marry within their tribe. Num.36:5-9. Tobith 4:12-13,

The obedient baptized Israelites are the saints of YAHUAH. Ps.50:5

Israelites must focus on marrying Israelites.

According to scripture there can be exeptions:

According to scripture we can see that a marriage between an Israelite man and a Gentile woman is not forbidden. Only If she is fully submitted to the Israelite life. And she must denounce her Gentiles religions and ways. Num.12:1, Deut.21:10-14, Deut.23:7-8.

What about Israelite women marrying Gentiles?

In Lev.24:10-16 we can see that apparently an Israelite women can be married to a Gentile man. The danger in it is that their children can easily adopt Gentile behaviour. In this passage we can clearly see that her son was influenced by the ways of his Gentile father. Not understanding the Israelite culture. Contaminating the camp with Gentile behaviours.

An Israelite woman SHOULD NOT marry a Gentile man, because the Gentiles have no understanding. And cannot lead Israelites. How is that Gentile man going to lead her? Is he an expert in the laws of the Israelites ? Also their children will not be Israelites since the tribe is transmitted by that Gentile man.

That Israelite woman is not helping Israel.

She is building the nation of her Gentile man.

The Gentiles are all the people who are not-Israelites.

Children born out of interracial relationships of an Israelite father and a Gentile mother are considered "bastards/mamzers". Deut.23:2.

Study the word "bastard" in the Zondervan Bible Dictionary.

Also read Deut.7:3-4. Gen.24:3-4, Lev.24:10-16, Jos.23:12-13, Ezr. 9:2, Ezr. 9:12-14, Ezr 10:3, 11,19, Neh.10:30, 1Ki.11:2.

"Bastards/mamzers" are not Israelites but also not Gentiles. They are in between.

Based on Deut.23 and Deu.7:1-6,  we can conclude that certain nations/people can never enter The Congregation of YAHUAH. Namely: Eunuchs (Deut.23:1), Moabites, Ammonites (Deut.23:2).

and the 7 Cananite tribes; namely: the Hittites,  Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites,  Hivites and Jebusites. (Deut.7:1-6).

Eunuchs and The 7 Cananite tribes can also never enter The Congregation of Israel.

Based on Deut.23:7-8 we can conclude that male children born out of marriages with a man of the tribe of Aaron and an Egyptian or and Edomite mother, could become full High Priest Israelites (Tribe of Aaron = The Congregation of YAHUAH) after 3 generations.


Notice a distinction between congregation of YAHUAH (the Levite family of Aaron)

and congregation of Israel (the 12 tribes of Israel). Num.16:9

Levite priest Korah wanted to enter the congregation of YAHUAH (High Priests), but he was not allowed, because he was not from the tribe of Aaron (tribe of High Priests). Num.16.

He was an Israelite from the tribe of Levi. BUT  he was not from the tribe of Aaron.

Only after 3 generations "others" can enter the congregation of YAHUAH.

In the same way to become a full Israelite (of the 12 tribes=The Congregation of Israel) It must also take 3 generations.

That means that there is hope for the grand-children of 1st generation bastards (aka. mixed people/mulatto's) that had an Israelite father.

The 1st generation bastards will never be Israelites, they are called "bastards/mamzers", but their childrens children can be Israelites.

That means that "bastards/mamzers" can marry Israelites

Let us explain how a Gentiles can become Israelites after 3 generations:

An Israelite man that marries an Gentile woman.

Their children are 1st generation bastards

If the 1st generation male bastard marries an israelite woman and children are born, those children are 2nd generation bastards.

If the the 2nd generation male bastard marries an Israelite woman, the children born of them are 3rd generation bastards. They are considered full israelites.

They have the right to fullfill public offices within Israel (leadership functions).

Strangers (Gentiles) and 1st and 2nd generation bastards should take a humble position and attitude towards Israelites. They can not lead Israelites. Other than that they can still have a blessed life and future. Isa.56:1-8

A bastard female must find an Israelite man. Their children will be first generation bastards. And so on and so on.....

The Gentiles are to be taught by Israelites in everything of life. Why? Because YAHUAH gives his word first to the Israelites his chosen people. Ps.147:19-20. The Israelites, on their turn, must live and teach YAHUAH’s word to the Gentiles. Gentiles must accept this order of YAHUAH. Only then Gentiles will have a truly blessed life.

It is FORBIDDEN for Israelites to marry people with a different  religion, because it brings idolatry in the house.(Ex. 34:11-16, Deut.7:1-6)

If a Gentile woman marries an Israelite man, the Gentile woman must fully submit to the laws statutes and commandments of YAHUAH. 

And the Gentile must cast away its Gentile garbage religions/morals/standards/philosophy/principles/etc.

And be humble and submitted under YAHUAH, Yahusha Christ and the Israelites.

Gentiles / Bastards can not execute authority over Israelites

Gentiles / Bastards can not fullfill leadership positions in Israel

Gentiles / Bastards can not baptize Israelites

Gentiles / Bastards can not baptize Gentiles

Gentiles / Bastards must learn in silence

Gentiles / Bastards can not teach Israelites in public


Marriage is the foundation of a community. We are community builders. Therefore we like to help Hebrew Israelite singles to find their spouse.

Choosing the right spouse is one of the most important choices in life. It must be done very carefull. On this page you will find advice and tips to help you select the best spouse for you and Israel.

But before you start looking for a spouse, make sure that you find yourself first. Make sure that you are a good spouse according to scripture. Make sure that you have studied the scriptures how to be a good spouse.

To help, we will show you what the scriptures say about what a good spouse is.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of YAHUAH, and his righteousness;, and all these things shall be added unto you." Mat.6:33