Make reparations here

Make reparations here

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"Oh God of the Israelites, we acknowledge that the biblical Israelites are the Trans-Atlantic Slaves and their descendants."

"Oh God of the Israelites, we repent of the sins and atrocities that our forfathers committed. God of the Israelites, have mercy on our soul."

"Oh God of the Israelites, as a sign of repentance and apology we want to pay a symbolical reparation"

Are you a caucasian from:

The Netherlands










Fake Jew

Do you fear the God of the biblical Israelites?

Do you reject the evil deeds (atrocities) of your forfathers?

Send a symbolical financial payment of reparations as a sign of apology and repentance.

You can never repay the evil deeds of your forfathers.

Therefor a symbolical amount according to your finances will do.

The Hebrew Israelites will inherit the kingdom and all the riches of the earth.

The reparations is more important for you (caucasian), than for the Hebrew Israelites. This is an opportunity for you as a caucasian to do what is right. It will benefit your soul.

The Most High will come to avenge the atrocities of your forfathers. He will avenge it on this generation (you and your children). By your reparations HE will see that you took a clear stand against the atrocities of your forfathers.

minimum: $10








(attention: write in the paypall comment section "Reparations")

You will receive from us a certificate which shows that you have paid a symbolical  financial amount of reparation.

This certificate will testify that you have paid reparations

You have officialy rejected the evil deeds of your forfathers, by putting action to your words.

The Most High will have mercy on those who repent in word and deed.