How to survive in Jordan

How to survive in Jordan

Keeping it real:

How much money do I need monthly to survive in Jordan?

500JD / 700 dollars is enough

an average apartment rent is 250 JD (3 bedroom apartment)

food & drinking water 150 JD (enough for 5 people)

internet 25 JD

water 10 JD

electricity 15 JD

prepaid phone with minutes and internet (9 JD (smart 6 from Umniah)

TOTAL: 457JD / 650 dollar

transportation: walk / bicycle / local bus / coaster / service taxi 

the price depends on how much you want to use transportation


If you need anything in Jordan like furniture, apartments, work, etc go to:


Get a Jordanian phonenumber

The first thing you need when you get in Jordan is, get a Jordanian phonenumber.

The best phonecontract you can get is: 

a Smart 6 contract from Umniah.

Umniah is a famous internet phone company in Jordan

Smart 6 is a monthly prepaid contract with minutes, text messages and internet.

The Smart 6 contract only costs 9 JD. Every month you buy new prepaid credits for 9 JD. You can buy the prepaid credits at any supermarket or grocerystore.

How to find and apartment in Jordan:

click here for rental apartments


call the apartments

ask if 6 months contracts are possible

ask about deposits

make an appointment

let them send you the apartment location on whatsapp

visit the location

pray and make your decision

Apartment contracts:

Avoid 12 month apartment-contracts, because if you can not pay the rent along the line, the landlord can have you put to jail in Jordan. You only get out if someone bails you out.

Hebrews have gone to jail for that in Jordan. So maximum 6 month apartment-contracts.


Most people come to Jordan with a tourist visa. With a tourist visa it is illegal to work.

You can not get a serious job with a tourist visa. Most employers will not hire people that have a tourist visa.

Most foreigners with tourist visa's, find work as English teachers at

middle-schools and high-schools. That work is "under the table". It seems to be condoned. But it's not a stable thing to build upon, because from time to time the Jordan government has raids and hunt-downs for illegal workers.You can get deported as a illegal worker.

Click here for more information on it.

Apply for a job while you have the tourist visa, make sure that the job starts when your tourist visa ends. With your work-contract you will get a work visa. Then you can legally work in Jordan.

How can you find work?

go to:

(Also checkout other websites)

Most Jordanians now want to learn English conversation from foreigners. They are tired of learning English grammar from Jordanians in their schools.

They have a lack of conversation with English speakers. Because there are not many English speakers in Jordan. 

This is also the case with French, Spanish and German language.

So the best job opportunities for you are in the field of language.

1. You can teach language private in houses or schools/academies.

TEFL certificate

Before you travel to Jordan get a TEFL certificate

(Teaching English as a Foreign Language )

This is a very respected certificate which will definitly boost up your resume. Many English school and centers will hire you if you have this certificate.

To get the certificate you follow an English course online. It is not expensive.

Its very cheap to get, just $120! And you can complete the course in 1 month! It's a very good investment inyourself. You can use this certificate all over the world!

Just google: "TEFL" and you will find all information about it.

Getting the certifcate is a very wise investment in yourself.

With TEFL certificate you can easily find jobs in schools and online teaching jobs.

Give private English lessons

Sign up at to find English students that you can teach. is a well known, populair and effective website where you can find anything. On this site you can advertise your teaching services.

The students will call you for lessons.

Teach English in homes. Go to the people and teach them English in their home.

make brochures and spread them in your neighbourhood. The people will call you and then you teach English conversation in their home. They want to learn how to speak English fluently.

2. You can teach language online (English - French -Spanish - German - etc.)

Make businesscards and do promotion in your neighbourhood. Teach Jordanians English online through skype or facebook videochat.

Let them pay you through paypall or Western Union or cash.

There are also companies that online that are looking for online teachers.

3. You can do customer service work in callcenters and travelagencies.

You can find them online. Just call them and visit them and ask if they need a speaker in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, or any other language then Arabic. There is a lot of work for foreign speakers.


If you are on wellfare (SSI) and you receive SSI money, you can stay 30 days in Jordan. If you stay longer than 30 days, the US government wants to know. They will cut the social security. Best is to have your own savings.

If you have retirement money or disability money (SSDI), then you can keep receiving your money while staying in Jordan.


Transportation is a challenge in Jordan.

You need a taxi all the time. And that costs a lot of money.

Almost all people in Jordan don't like taxi's, because many taxi drivers rip people off.

Do not go in a taxi that has no price meter.

You will pay too much.

Don't do it.

Biking is an option. But not for unexperienced and unfit bikers; there are no bike roads / paths and there are many steep hils.

If you want to buy a bike, buy an E-Bike (electric Bike). They cost 450 JD -  750 JD. It will safe you a lot of money and time in the longterm.

Click here for a good E-Bike shop in Amman

Walking is an option but only for the fit, since there are many steep hills everywhere,

even downtown.

Products are not close together and its difficult to find out where you can get certain products. You will travel a lot and spend a lot of time just to get certain products.

advice #1:

when you do your shopping, buy in bulk.

advice #2:

only buy products that last long even without a refrigerator.

advice #3:

have a list of phonenumbers of people that can serve you:

taxidrivers, gas tank delivery, water tank delivery, maintenance man, people with a truck that can help you move big things, like furniture, etc

Following this advice will save you a lot of transportation costs, time and frustration.


Buy and prepare your own food.

The cheapest and most nutritionous foods to eat in Jordan are:

potatoes, tomatos, cumcumbers, marrow squash, onions, garlic, carrots, oranges

(other fruits than oranges are pretty expensive)

lentils, rice, bulgur, freekeh, lupini beans, flour, potatoes, turnip

(buy it in bulk, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, etc)



Lout fish, sardine, beef, lamb, goat

Have a daily program:

If you have no daily program, you can fall in a spiral of depression, minding peoples business, gossiping, waisting time, waisting money and causing trouble and sin.

Make sure that you have a daily program and follow it strict.

And start early in the morning at sunrise.

For example:

wake up




shower/freshen up






Water is scarce in Jordan. Learn to shower/freshen up with 1 small basin of water

Soap your body and rinse it with the water in your basin.

Daily or every other day.

Learn to wash clothes by hand or bring your clothes once or twice a month to a laundromat for bulk washing and drying of your clothing. not expensive.

Don't drink tap water.

Buy tanks or bottles of purified water.


Most houses in Jordan are very cold during the winter. You can feel cold draft at the windows.

Make sure you have warm indoor winter clothing. warm socks, sleeping bags, many warm blankets, gloves, sweaters, etc.

Make sure you have enough gasheaters and gastanks in the house to keep you warm.

Preparaing for the wilderness time.

The best thing to do is work and save money for the wilderness time. 

Buy land/property/apartment; land is not expensive in southern Jordan.

Can foreigners buy land/property/apartment in Jordan?

The answer is YES!

Click here

You can easily find prices of $ 0,75 - $ 7 per m2.

Store equipment.

Buy and store seeds

Learn how to work with cattle

Learn how to grow fruits and vegetables

Slowly build up a lifestyle of self-sustainance.

Greenhousing, keeping cattle, growing fruits and vegetables.

Be as independant as you can of Babylon and Jordan.

Don't be discouraged, but just use wisdom as you make your preparations to go to Jordan; it's possible!