Fashion for men

How to dress holy

during the week, on sabbaths and on holy days/feast days

General appearance:


clean washed clothing

clean teeth

clean nails

clean hair

clean body

fresh body odour

fresh breath


no tight clothing

chest, belly and thighs covered

no mixed fabrics (100% pure)

not fancy

t-shirt/shirt/garment hemmed up and with blue ribbon at the hem

avoid clothing, shoes, accessories with clear logos, icons and brand names;

for Hebrew Israelites do not promote worldy brands

The real fringes

Get circumcised Acts.16:3: Paul circumcised Timothy because it's Hebrew custom

Get baptized

Yahusha was baptized, the disciples were commanded to baptise. Every follower of Yahusha must get baptized if they have the opportunity.



All men must grow their beard; It is forbidden to shave it of, even if it is not a full beard. No excuses!

hairstyle on head:

maximum hair length: shoulder length (Eze.44:20, 1Cor.11:14)

no bald shaving (Lev.21:5)

no lining up of hairlines on the head (Lev.19:27)

no lining up of the beard (Lev.19:27, Lev.21:5)