False teachings

False teachings Online

Here is a list of false teachings circulating within the Hebrew Israelite community. You will find those teachings online.


The land of America is the real land of Israel

Hebrew Israelites are indigenous people of the Americas

South Africa is the real land of Israel

The israelites will sacrifice animals again

The Israelites will build a tabernacle for The Most High again

The Israelites will worship The Most High at a holy mountain in  Jordan

The name of the Most High is AHAYAH, JAH, Yahawah, Jehova, Yehovah, Yahweh

Polygyny is sin

Waterbaptism (total submersion) is not required

Fringes are dangling tassles / tzit tzit

The "New Testament" speaks of 2 different Messiah's 

You can be save in Babylon America. 

The Sabbath is always on a saturday