There are many Hebrew Israelites camps. Think of GOCC, IUIC, GMS, ISUPK, etc.

But actually there are only two camps. Namely:

1. those who want to flee Babylon spiritually and literally (leave the geographical location)

2. those who only spiritually want to flee Babylon

Scripture clearly shows us that we must flee spiritually and literally. Just like how Lot was commanded to flee spiritually and literally. Gen.19

Also read Rev.18:4 which commands us to flee spiritually and literally because physical plagues coming upon a physical location.

It will be like 70 AD. A literal flight. There were two groups. Namely:

1. Those who fled to the mountains and Africa

2. Those who stayed in Massada

Result: Those in Massada got slaughtered

Those who fled survived.

We must be wise and learn from our history and thus flee literally and spiritually. Just as we are commanded to in the scriptures.

According to scriptures we must go to the areas mentioned in Isa.11:11-16. Those areas are basically the countries around modern day Israel.

The Israelites will gather in Edom (Southern Jordan) according to Isa.11:14.

From there Yashusha Christ will lead the Israelites in modernday Israel. Eze.20:38