About Azar Yasharahla

About Azar Yasharahla...

Shalawam! My name is Azar Yasharahla.

I am a descendant of the Trans Atlantic slaves of Suriname (South America). I was born in 1982 in the Netherlands (Europe).

At the age of 14 (in 1996) I became an active Pentecostal Christian.

After my High School graduation in 2000, I went to college and studied Christian theology for 2 years. 

In 2012 I left the Christian church, because I realised that Christianity is full of lies.

In 2014 I slowely started waking up to the truth that I am a Hebrew Israelite.

In October 2015 for the first time I went to a Hebrew Israelite gathering

In November 2015 I got baptised as Hebrew Israelite (water baptism)

In 2016 I traveled to Ethiopia for 3 months

In 2017 I traveled to Jordan for 4 months

In 2019 I traveled to Jordan again and I reside here till this day.

At this moment me and my household are busy writing books, recording truth music and preparing to live in Edom and Moab (Southern Jordan).

Shalawam single sister!

Are you tired of Babylon America / Babylon Europe?

Do you want to flee Babylon America / Babylon Europe?

Do you want a husband that takes care of you in Edom and Moab? (Isa.11:14)

Do you want to build a legacy (Jer.23:3-4) in Edom and Moab?

Do you call upon YAHUAH and do you pray in the name of Yahusha?

Are you a woman that submits to a biblical man? (Eph.5:24)

Are you in the age category 18-36? 

Are you open for polygyny? 

Can you do one or more of the following things:

administrative work

sewing Hebrew clothing

working with animals and plants

teaching basic English or basic French or basic Spanish language

Then you are very welcome to join my household (polygyny). 

Just contact

(ps. you can also contact if you are older than 36 years)

Shalawam brother!

Are you interested in learning how to aqcuire land in the area of Isa.11:11-16?

And / or are you interested in how to find and maintain Hebrew polygyny and how to build a legacy  (Jer.23:3-4)? Just contact

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